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The lead-melters of M&R Claushuis do not have anything to do anymore with the prevailing notion of a plumber.
 Our professionals manage the crucial knowledge of lead melting. A profession that knows many applications because of the unmatched properties of lead.


Before lead is applied by M&R Claushuis, it is checked on purity and, if necessary, refined into good quality, pure lead and antimonial lead. This recycling is also being executed by M&R Claushuis itself.


Provided that the casting technique and material knowledge are perfect and the composition of the material is taken into account, the applications of lead are virtually unlimited. M&R Claushuis applies the casting of lead for a number of very specific fields, which are perfectly controlled, down to the smallest detail. For example, there is the manufacturing of keels through the sand casting method. Other specific uses include the manufacture of weighing for machinery and other applications in, amongst other, the building of bridges.


It is not surprising that the basic application of M&R Claushuis lead is formed by the creation of ballast forms. The element lead has a specific gravity that almost no other applicable material can match. With a specific gravity of approximately 11 kgs, lead exceeds for example concrete and steel. Moreover, lead is relatively easy to melt and cast into shape. The melting point is already at 340ºC.