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Casting Keels

As a service to yacht-builders we produce lead keels. In our professionally equipped factory we are able to fill steel and aluminium forms and moulds, while at the same time cooling them in 20m3 of water in order to prevent them from deforming.

Keel casting through the sand casting method

Many factors are in this technique of essential importance. Many boats not only sail in the quiet Dutch waters, but go outside and navigate the oceans. Through the sand casting method produced keels are technical masterpieces that make your heart beat faster. This is where the real challenge comes into the picture. Just imagine that a keel doesn’t have the correct technical strength. The risk of sailing will, in that case, be enormous.

On Location

The casting process for keels is not only executed in our factory, but can also be performed on location. It goes without saying that working on a location demands a good preparation of the work so that all the aspects that affect the process are under full control. Location Casting is generally only performed when the size of the project is too large for transport of the keel. Many leading yacht builders choose M&R Claushuis for location work. In this area no challenging is too big for us.

Click here for an example of a kiel produced with the sandcasting method.