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Batteries are an important way for energy storage and are being used worldwide.
The durability of batteries are not endless and therefore have to be removed.

In order to do this removal properly you have to follow European regulations for the removal of batteries.
These rules are necessary because batteries contain valuable raw material, of which some can be hazardous for man and environment when not being treated properly and might end up polluting the ground.

The recycling of these batteries are meant to spare the environment and secure the re-use of recycled fractions out of batteries. 

M&R has been working together with several companies that collect empty batteries within and outside of the Netherlands. The used batteries that are collected are being sorted in several streams at central locations.

At our site in Zeewolde we recycle the stream of sorted button cell batteries. This stream of waste contains mercury and is being treated in a professional and environmental friendly way. When we have securely treated this waste stream the secondary materials and products are delivered back to our customers to be used in the production of new products.
When we have carefully treated this stream of waste batteries the secondary materials that are recovered are being delivered back to our clients for use in the productions of new products.

We are an official partner of Stibat