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Waste is generated in each industry. Similarly, in the dental industry. 
Every dentist / dental laboratory or other dental related company generates waste such as:

• Amalgam residues such as amalgam filters, separators and capsules (containing mercury)
• Injection needles
• Fixer, developer and film waste
• Lead foils
• Precious metals
• Remnants of crowns and bridges.

This waste must be processed in such a way that there is no danger to humanity and the environment. 
MCR Claushuis offers, through its subsidiary DENTICOLLECT, a complete service at a very competitive rate. In Zeewolde all mercury-containing waste is handled in a professional and environmentally friendly manner. 
The mercury recovered from these waste is refined to a 99.9995% pure product for dental purposes. It is therefore most likely that M&R Claushuis recycles his own mercury multiple times.