Fire Dept. Zeewolde

M&R Claushuis B.V. is a recycling company for heavy metals. An automatic fire alarm went off in the company.
 On arrival, the fire dept. Was received by the company expert.

 Meanwhile, the company expert has called the emergency room stating that the alarm has been triggered and that a person is missing. The emergency response has rescued one person out of the mercury space wearing a active-carbon mask. Upon arrival the company expert explains that the areas are explored and that 1 person is missing.

The control panel shows that detectors are activated at the back of the building near the mercury department.

If the fire men enter the mercury department wearing active-carbons masks, at first they see a victim with a possible broken leg. The victim fell of a ladder near the mercury oven. They decide to stay with the victim and ask for a brancard. If the victim was taken by 3 and 4, 1 and 2 will explore the space. Then the firemen discover a red glow behind the mercury furnace.

They decide to withdraw and give their observations to the commander. The commander indicated that there should be further exploring. The oven has a leak and liquid mercury drips out of the oven on the ground. When the firemen discover this, they tell it to the commander.

At the second time that they are exploring the factory, smoke comes out of a stack of crates.

A person driving a fork-lift truck drove against crates with button batteries because of the hard sound of the alarm. The crates are stacked together next to the Mercury department.

Because of the sound of the alarm, a fork-lift truck driver outside made a wrong maneuver.
A container with 50 liters of 55 % nitric acid fell of a pallet. Two persons got injured.

The first victim has inhaled the fumes and has trouble breathing. A company expert take this person with him to safer ground.

The second person is still outside laying in the nitric acid. He is infected with the liquid and must be rescued by firemen wearing special suits.

This exercise was evaluated afterwards by the fire dept. and the people from M&R Claushuis B.V.

The fire dept. told M&R Claushuis B.V. that is went really good and that they would like to practice every year at M&R Claushuis B.V.