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M&R Claushuis B.V.
Industrieterrein Trekkersveld
Nijverheidsweg 26
NL-3899 AH Zeewolde

Tel. +31 (0)36 - 522 2800
Fax: +31 (0)36 - 522 2564
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M&R Claushuis BV is your partner in metals. We supply primary metals and metal products and take care of collection and processing of secondary materials and metal containing scrap and residues.

Founded in 1991, we have become a well known name in the world of complex metals and materials. Since then we have moved thousands of tonnes of material, from all corners of the world, to the best processing facilities and at the same time provided many consumers with the necessary raw materials.

Our activities consist of supplying raw materials from stocks around the world to the metal processing industry. Not just LME traded metals like tin, lead and copper, but also the not so known metals as antimony, bismuth, indium and selenium. Furthermore, we produce lead products for, amongst others, shipbuilders and the nuclear industry.

In processing of mercury containing materials we are recognised around the World. Not just with thermometers or batteries, but also with the processing of large quantities of mercury contaminated soil and mercury containing catalysts from petro-chemical industries, M&R Claushuis guarantees the best possible solution, both with regard to HSE and to costs.